The Vancouver Hairdressing Academy is a world-class institution that offers one of the best hairstyling education courses in Canada. It is built on the core values on of professionalism, hard work, and top-notch service delivery. The Academy has trained hundreds of students from all over the world in necessary technical and practical skills and should be top on the list for anyone seeking a successful career in hair styling.

Attending the Vancouver Hairdressing Academy is your first step in your journey towards a successful career. The Academy’s course was specially and carefully formulated in 1998 by renowned hairstylist Michael Levine together with his team of stylists, to improve the quality of stylists that were flocking the Canadian Beauty industry. The hairdressing course is offered three days a week from 10 am to 6 pm and runs over a period of 6 months. The Academy provides scholarships for deserving students and a 10% discount in tuition fees for any students willing to complete their payments upfront.

What skills will you gain from taking the Vancouver Hairdressing Academy Course?

Aside from many other things, you will learn and sharpen your skills in different hair styling techniques and well-adapted color perception techniques. Our team of qualified instructors work around-the-clock to ensure that our students are only the best in the industry by keeping them up-to-date with the latest trends, dos and don’ts and the requirements as a licensed hairdresser. We also teach our students other practical and functional skills to increase their clientele over time. We train them in excellent customer service skills to improve their relations with potential customers and encourage them to stay on top of their grooming as this might affect their chances of getting clients. By keeping our students up to speed with all these skills, you are guaranteed to be polished and all around ready to be a hairdressing professionals.
Take Sondra Mihel who works at, is a blogger who teaches about hair curling. She has created multiple article about hair curling. Using her knowledge ab out hair, she tests products and reviews them. She has written many cornerstone articles about hair curling products, finding the best hot rollers and curling irons on the market today.
She also works in a salon in downtown Vancouver where she specializes in curly hair types. What is most interesting about Sondra, is that after going through her courses, she was able to find a niche in which to excel in within the industry. She has become what the industry calls a beauty influencer, allowing her to promote brands on her Instagram and getting sponsored deals. Future students of the school should take note of this and see that hair styling education opens a lot of doors.

Opportunities for Vancouver Hairdressing Academy Graduates

Our students work in-house even before completing the course to practically apply and improve their basic skills. Also, after graduating, they get a chance to work in any one of Michael Levine’s Salon before they are released into the vast hairdressing world. After our thorough course, our graduates eventually become licensed hairdressers and as such can choose to work in a registered and recognized hair salon to sharpen their skills and later venture as a solo freelance stylist or even open their beauty and salon parlor. This comes with the advantage of being in control of your income. The more the clients you work on, the more you earn, together with other commissions, if any. Our graduates are also in a better position to control their schedule, around their personal life and career ventures. You don’t have to work a regular 8 to 5. Our students also gain cutting-edge experience over the years and eventually end up in the fashion and entertainment world, working with renowned celebrities and top fashion models, and become very sought after stylists.
At the Vancouver Hairdressing Academy, our mission is to train and prepare our students to be movers and shakers in the hair and beauty industry, not only in Canada but the world over.